PEPL Manufacturing Facility

Paruthi Group holds pride in owning a huge 10-acre and 5-acre manufacturing facility. With 400k sq. ft. of shed area, Paruthi Group has a processed and chained system to feed the raw material. A total of 30 cranes are in use to ensure smooth and streamlined production.

Paruthi Group has mastered the art of prototype fabrication, inspection and approvals. After the first offer of examination, our majority of the built prototypes get approved. The industrial grounds have enough room for prototyping assembly.


CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Paruthi Group owns 5 CNC cutting machines manufactured by Messer (Germany). The machines have a cutting width of 3350 mm (track width of 4100 mm) and a cutting length of 20000 mm (track length 24000 mm). They have one Oxyfuel gas cutting torch and 1 HPR 130 plasma cutting torch. The machines can be programmed with drawings and then automatically a cutting plan is generated providing the highest level of precision.

Press Brake

PEPL has state-of-the-art in-house 900 tons 12.6 mtrs long CNC Hydraulic Press Brake. A measuring system continuously checks the press beam’s position. The machine is adaptable to various tool designs for Octagonal & Conical Poles. It offers press bean depth accuracy of 0.01 mm with high repeatability.

Hydraulic Straightening Press

PEPL has a 50-tonne hydraulic straightening press with a 4-pillar overhead structure. This is guided by horizontal and vertical rollers which travel along the entire length of the pole. A geared motor, a direction control valve, two pneumatic floating cylinders, and a hydraulic cylinder installed on a four-pillar chassis are used to drive the taper pole.

Hot Dip Galvanising

Galvanisation is a process of applying a coating of zinc over iron or steel with the purpose of preventing rusting. The multi-layered zinc coating prevents corrosion in this way.

Paruthi Group has 3 Hot Dip Galvanisation Tanks. Dimensions for the same are mentioned below:

      • Size 12.5 Mtrs Long x 1.25 Mtrs Wide x 1.5 Mtrs Deep
      • Size 7 Mtrs Long x 1.25 Mtrs Wide x 1.5 Mtrs Deep
      • Size 7 Mtrs Long x 1.25 Mtrs Wide x 1.5 Mtrs Deep


  • This creates a galvanizing capacity of 10,000 tonnes of materials per month. We are experts in galvanising and follow a 7-tank process. The material is galvanised in accordance with IS 2629 and BS-729.

Crash Barrier Rolling Machine

We have an in-house W beam manufacturing facility, including cutting, punching, roll forming, galvanising & quality assurance testing with a laboratory. We have a crash barrier rolling machine for W section manufactured by Divine Machines. Our W-beams are manufactured according to AASHTO M-180 and MORTH specification.

Submerged Arc Welding

We have two nos. CNC Welding machines. The machines are programmable to automatically close the Pole gap with servo controlled hydraulic pressure. Welding process used is Submerged Arc Welding (SAW).

Automatic Roll Forming Purline Machine

Paruthi Group is equipped with two automatic Roll Forming Machines manufactured by System Engineers, for its solar structure division. We can manufacture C & Z sections.

Technical Information:

Web Size (mm) 80 – 300 50 – 250
Flange Size (mm) 40 – 80 25 – 60
Lip Size (mm) .10 – 20 .10 – 20
Thickness (mm) 1 – 3.15 1 – 2.5
Web Size (mm) 120 – 300
Flange Size (mm) 40 – 80
Lip Size (mm) .10 – 20
Thickness (mm) 1 – 3.15