Paruthi Guardrails

Paruthi Guardrails

Guardrails come in a variety of shapes and profiles but their primary function remains the same – protect the vehicles riding on the highway from colliding with the car in opposite direction and to prevent them from hitting the large roadside objects. These guardrails are customized as per the customer’s requirement and examined by industry experts and inspectors.

At PEPL, we have a complete in-house facility and processes which include cutting, punching, roll forming, galvanising and Q/A testing laboratory to manufacture various types of guardrails and assure a good quality product for our customers.

Mr. Viresh Bajaj : 919215530965


1. PEPL manufactures W-Beam Highway Guard rail according to the following specifications:

  • As per the “AASTHO” M-180 Specifications.
  • As per the “MORTH” Specifications.


2. The material used in the manufacturing of W-Beam Highway Guardrail is conforming to the following Indian Standards:

  • Hot Rolled Coil conforming to IS : 10748
  • Hot Rolled Flat Steel conforming to IS 5986:2002 (Thickness =2.67mm, 3mm & 5 mm)
    Special High-Grade Zinc (99.99 %)
  • The galvanizing process is according to IS: 2629 and the Zinc Coating is 550 gm/m2.
  • Zinc Coating can be increased up to 1100 gm/m2 as per the special requirement of the customer/consultant.