High Mast Poles

High Mast Poles

High-mast lighting is a tall pole with a mobile crown and lighting attached to the top pointing towards the ground. It is designed to raise and lower flood light luminaries installed on brackets to the ground for maintenance using a mechanical winch and wire rope setup. It is used at sites that require lighting over a large area.

The High Mast Poles are equipped with a Luminaire ring, Head Frame, Centralizing Arm, Stainless Steel Wire Rope, Electrical Cable, Disconnectors, Junction and Distribution Box, Mechanical Winch, Power Tool, Latching (Optional), Pulleys and Top Conapy.

Mr. Rajesh Ummat : 919215598965


1. Dimension

  • Height:(16 To 40)mtr


2. Material Standards

  • IS : 5986 (FE-510)
  • EN -10027-1- 1992
  • ASTM-A-656-LP.60


3. Galvanisation

  • BS : EN ISO 1461 : 1994
  • ASTM-A123/A123m-02
  • IS 2629, 6745
  • ISO / SS – EN – 1461